Gavin Ciccariello
Land Phone 973-267-0050
Location Morristown

Gavin Ciccariello

Fitness Professional

My name is Gavin Ciccariello. I have an Associates degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology and I believe you deserve to be healthy, happy, and pain free. I take a 3 Dimensional approach to fitness that is more than putting work in the gym, but creating a balanced personal, social, and family lifestyle. Before I got into fitness, I got into a car accident that left me debilitated.I developed Degenerative Disc Disease and I had herniated, fractured, and torn discs. 4 years later, I still struggle with the pain, but I never want anyone to feel that pain. It is demoralizing, dehumanizing, and strips away your dignity and independence. For that reason I am comfortable with any client, but I specialize in strength training, bodybuilding, and corrective exercise. I look forward to guiding you to be your best self.