Introducing The New NBD "UNIVERSAL CREDIT" System

Here at NBD, we’re changing the way you think fitness. Our universal credit system now allows you to access any class or service at any time, all included with your membership. Because we know that being stuck following just one track in the gym is no way to be. Whether you’re dabbling in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, taking a spin on the exercise bikes, getting that burn on with Pilates, upping your cardio on with our many treadmills, coming in to lift some weights, or something else entirely, NBD has endless possibilities for taking control of your health.

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Our Training Philosophy

Feel Your Best, Tone Your Body, and Burn Body Fat


NBD’s Training System has been specifically designed to help our members achieve the three main goals everyone has in the gym; feel their best, tone, and burn body fat. This proprietary system takes the three most effective training concepts and blends them into one, results guaranteed program. By combining functional training, resistance training, and metabolic high intensity interval training, NBD has been able to deliver life-changing results for thousands of members.


Used by everyone from the most elite athletes in the world to the best grandparents, Functional Training incorporates mobility, flexibility, and core stability to keep you moving, energized and pain free. Whether you want to play tennis, improve your golf game, or just keep up with your grand-kids, this training concept will help you get there and stay there.


If you’re looking to get stronger, firm up and increase lean muscle giving you that highly desired toned look, this tried-and-true training concept is for you. Resistance training incorporates body weight movements, weights, and cable systems specifically designed to increase strength and lean muscle.


Metabolic training is a workout strategy to maximize calorie burn both during and after your workout. To achieve this result, you give a maximum physical effort through a series of compound movements (using more than one muscle group at a time) for a short, intense period. The workouts are quicker but much more concentrated than a typical cardio or strength training workout.