Newly Installed Air Treatment Units

NBD Fitness has newly installed air treatment units that kill bacteria, MRSA, mold, Staph, athlete’s foot, fungus, contagious skin infections and coronavirus.


Health Waiver & Protocol

Each staff member and member of the facility are required to complete a health waiver that states that they are not ill, have not tested positive for COVID-19 and have not been in contact recently with someone who has tested positive. As part of the waiver, each staff member and member of the facility must agree to the proper protocols put in place.


Infrared Occupancy Counters

This solution gives a real-time count of people currently in the facility at every moment. For your convenience, this real-time count can be seen on our homepage.


Antibacterial Gym Wipes

We have set up multiple antibacterial stations throughout the facility. Please help all of us stay safe by sanitizing your workout space.


Sanitizing Stations

We have added hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility for your added safety and convenience.


Cleaning Staff Every Minute of Operation

NBD is committed to keep our facility extremely safe and clean for you so we currently have a professional cleaning staff every single minute that we are operating.