Jennifer Beckerman
Land Phone 877-JOIN-NBD
Location Springfield, Morristown

Jennifer Beckerman

Pilates Reformer Instructor

I am passionate about teaching challenging, safe and healthy movements. I love helping clients reach their goals of improved strength, flexibility, health and overall wellness. I am a Balanced Body trained and certified Reformer, Apparatus and Mat Pilates Instructor and certified Personal Trainer.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and have been involved with sports and the physical fitness industry all my life. I have always loved how being physically active and completing a demanding work out made me feel. I earned a Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. In this earlier career, I assisted people through several social services positions and as a High School Guidance Counselor. During this time, I continued to pursue physical fitness as a passion for myself and began to assist those around me. I moved to NJ several years ago and decided to make a major career shift in order to pursue this life changing career full time."

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”