Gym Near Morris County

  Each class is 30 or 60 minutes in length

  Classes are limited to only 12 to 18 clients

  Each class has a different theme and goal

  Burn up to 500 calories in each 30 minute class

  Taught by Certified Fitness Professionals

What is GT?

GT stands for Group Training. GT is a great way to achieve maximum results in a 30-60 minute workout at a fraction of the cost of a Personal Training Session. GT is our scientifically designed exercise program that simultaneously focuses on the four main components of true fitness: Fat Loss, Core Strength, Muscle Tone, and Cardiovascular Conditioning. Each GT class is led by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers who will motivate and guide you to success. GT classes have a maximum capacity of 12-18 clients, so you will consistently receive attention and direction to maximize your results. GT was designed to provide you with your very own personal trainer for each and every workout. You can literally burn up to 500-800 calories in each 30-60 minute GT class!

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