NBD Personal Fitness Coaching One on One training

Personal Fitness Coaching is One on One training designed to meet personal goals and to tailor exercise to get the best results quickly and safely.  All bodies can move, strengthen, heal, and thrive with a personalized training program sensitive to fitness level.  Ability and limitations will shape personalized goals.  As limitations decrease, ability will increase creating new goals and enhance accountability to reach greater heights.  Personal Fitness Coaching is a fluid exchange of motivation and accountability to keep you on target.  Your coach will empower you through carefully crafted challenges and cheer you as you climb the fitness hurdles.


NBD Personal Fitness Coach will assess your fitness level, listen to your fitness goals, and design a tailored program. Falling into a fitness rut or reverting to old habits will spell doom for your fitness goals. Lofty goals without an incremental plan leads to frustration and failure.  Your personalized program will set realistic short- and long-term goals which will motivate and exhilarate.  Sometimes when you’re feeling down, it’s hard to find self-motivation or inspiration from others. It takes a village means sometimes you need to go outside of your regular networks for help. Having a 1 on 1 Personal Fitness Coach means having an accountability partner for working out. They will always motivate, cheer on, or give advice when needed because they know what it’s like to be in the same position as you.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement means that each work-out session will build on the previous session.  Continuity is essential to progress. The time and energy you are investing into your health, rather than struggling every day to get moving, benefits you with continuous positive change.  Your Personal Fitness Coach will break workouts into many types of exercises like weightlifting sessions, aerobic sessions, and running around obstacles courses.  Mental wellbeing is crucial to success, and motivational quotes rewire the brain to succeed.  Emotional investment will be fostered by the care and community built with your Personal Fitness Coach.  Mind, body, spirit connection is crucial to continuous improvement on your fitness journey.


Results are constant since realistic short-term goals drive the personalized workout.  All you must do is show up. Your Personal Fitness Coach will track your progress and adjust the program as indicated.  Weight loss takes time.  Accountability is crucial in this process because, as humans, we need someone to be there pushing us every step of the way. Having a regular Personal Fitness Coach take note of your progress helps motivate you to continue working harder towards reaching all those goals. Our investment in your well being will motivate you not to give up on yourself.


Flexible, private in-studio training fit your busy lifestyle.  It’s easy to lose motivation when trying to achieve improved physical fitness, and it can be hard to keep going if you are left alone to do the work. Your fitness coach will never ask you to skip your workouts, but they’ll also listen when you say that the gym is not a good place for today. Your mental health and physical wellness are of equal importance in their eyes.


Your Personal Fitness Coach is experienced with real world fitness training.  Many hold degrees and certifications in personal fitness. Extensive knowledge of anatomy and injury prevention make them very effective with program designs to suit your personal needs. All NBD Personal Fitness Coaches have a profile online.      https://www.nbdfitness.com/fitness-professionals/



For more information or an appointment to meet the coaches call NBD Training Zone 973-267-0500 or register for a class online at https://www.nbdfitness.com/large-group-training/

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